Ferry Van - HSFV4

Original No.

GB787319 08-07-07
Built: 1961
Builder: Pressed Steel
Lot No. 3413
Diagram No. 1/227
Weight: 20ton
Brake: Vacuum (Air Piped)
Original owner: British Railways
Location: Warcop
Status: Waiting restoration

Flat Roof

This van has unique experimental suspension ex High Speed Freight Vehicle (HSFV4 - ex Ferry Van)
of Derby Research.

On leaving Derby it saw use as a mess and tool van for ECML electrification work. After the electrification work was complete S&T trains still ran. When the need arose for a mess facilities for the S&T gangs this is what they got. All that was inside were two benches (now in the mess and tool van at Warcop) and a brake van stove. No washing facilities, tables, lights or cooking facilities. Eventually the gangs refused to use it.

©David Heywood
It was then used as a tool van and finished its railway career dumped at Morpeth as shown in this photograph.

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